About Scientific Investing

Scientific Investing, founded by Kumar Saurabh in 2021, serves a focused objective - "To leverage qualitative and quantitative data analysis in the world of equity markets to promote financial awareness and financial education." We are an education venture with the pure intent to provide learning and development. Our services encompass various courses, learning tracks, subscriptions, tools, and technology services to educate individuals.​

Youtube Videos

Scientific Investing publishes educational videos on technical, fundamental and quantitative concepts/topics/frameworks covering company analysis, sector analysis and market analysis. Subscribe to our YouTube channel below to enhance your understanding and knowledge of investing and trading.​


If you're keen on engaging in day-to-day discussions, we invite you to join the "Scientific Investing Discussions" group on WhatsApp, our primary social media channel. Within our community, named Scientific Investing, you'll find an announcement section along with the dedicated discussion group. The announcement section serves to broadcast content updates and key announcements from our end, ensuring a clutter-free experience. We recommend staying tuned to these updates for the latest insights. Join us to be part of vibrant discussions and stay informed about our latest developments.​

Practitioner Membership

Our Practitioner subscription covers educating do-it-yourself (DIY) on stock analysis, sector analysis, market insights, investing and trading tools and technologies, webinars blending fundamental and technical analysis. We have 200+ hours of content covering 100+ stocks, 10+sectors, stock and sector analysis excel tools, market scanners and proprietary trading view indicators along with a market tracking system called SIMBA (Scientific Investing Market Breadth Analyzer) for systematic investing and trading research.​

Webinars - Stock & Peer Analysis Excel Tool Supersession

Our webinar is divided into three parts, which cover all aspects of stock analysis and peer analysis tools with over 10+ hours of content. The first part has already been completed, but it's not too late to join us for the remaining two parts. By registering, you'll not only have access to both excel stock analysis tool and competitive analysis tool including the live sessions and receive recordings of previous sessions, allowing you to revisit the material whenever you need.​

RA Services

Kumar Saurabh runs SEBI registered Research Analysis (RA) services as a director at TechnoFunda Ventures Private Limited. In case, interested to explore research services please visit us here:​

Scientific Investing Free course

Our free course includes reports and videos covering stock analysis, sector analysis, market insights, and investing and trading tools and technologies. Watching our free course provides a brief understanding of our offerings. For a more comprehensive understanding, you can subscribe to our Practitioner membership.​

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Discover a world of finance in our newsletter! From insightful blogs on financial metrics to company analyses, we cover a spectrum of topics essential to the finance field. Join us for invaluable insights and stay ahead with the latest trends and tools. Subscribe today for a wealth of financial knowledge!​


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