About Us

Scientific Investing has been founded by Kumar Saurabh in 2021. The purpose for creating has been to serve a focused objective – “To leverage qualitative and quantitative data analysis in the world of equity markets to promote financial awareness, financial education and financial advisory”.  We provide services around financial education, financial research and financial advisory.

Author’s Profile and Journey

Kumar Saurabh has 13+ years of experience in data science and finance. He has been investing in Indian equity market since 2007 with 15 years of rich experience. He brings extensive knowledge across finance and analytics and a practitioner of fundamental analysis, technical analysis and quants investing. He has presented his views on multiple prestigious equity discussion forums including IIC, Elearnmarkets, InvestingHub, Tamilnadu investor Association and other prestigious forums. He has been one of top contributors at Valuepickr community for 2 years. He has been recognized as one of top 40 under 40 data scientists by Analytics India Magazine at MLDS, 2019. He has been visiting faculty to multiple business schools. He blogs at factsbeyondnumbers.wordpress.com with more than 50000+ visitors and runs a YouTube channel named scientificinvesting with more than 9000 subscribers. He is active on twitter at @suru27 with more than 33000 followers.


Public Presentation